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Transport and communication systems of various configurations and modularity, equipped with an intelligent control system and optimal logistics.

The seamless integration of the SmartWorld program’s components into the city network provides high mobility and life in harmony with nature.

Reliable commute without intersections and ongoing traffic along with protection against vandalism and terrorism.

Resource savings, minimal land allocation, and nearly zero environmental pollution when it comes to transportation, energy, and city infrastructure.

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About the founder

Dr. Anatoli Unitsky is the creator of the SmartWorld program. Being a Belarusian engineer and inventor, he devoted his life to the search, development, and implementation of transport, infrastructure, and energy-efficient solutions capable of improving the quality of life. Anatoli Unitsky's approach to mobility is in line with the new and better way of life as it reduces the negative environmental impacts caused by human technological activities including carbon footprint.

Unitsky String Transport, the first stage of the SmartWorld program, is demonstrated in the EcoTechnoPark R&D Center (Belarus) and the Test & Certification Center (UAE). More than 600 highly qualified engineers are employed today only by one company, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. (Minsk, Belarus).

What we do

Not just a transport, but a holistic ecosystem.
SmartWorld is a program of global and innovative solutions
supporting humanity's growing population centers.


    An innovative transport network for the movement of cargo and passenger unmanned unimobiles at a speed of up to 500 km/h (1200 km/h in the future).


    Unique microbiological fertilizers intended to restore fertility, improve soil characteristics, and perform organic farming along with landscaping and creating green roofs.


    Unique technological solutions within walking distance, including social, cultural, and communication facilities.


    Energy efficient eco-housing developed with the use of “green” technologies and environmentally friendly materials.


    Cluster settlements with the developed second-level infrastructure and a free natural zone for humans.


    A holistic approach providing energy independence that involves using renewable energy sources such as sun, earth, and wind.


The SmartWorld program is an innovative “green” approach to transport, logistics, production, and energy infrastructure. Just as highways and airports transformed remote locales into population centers during the last century, the SmartWorld program re-architects how we think about modern metropolitan development. Download our Whitepaper to learn more.


What our users are saying.

“SmartWorld program - a new look at transport and infrastructure. I believe in the project. The progress in the implementation of the new technology is really impressive.”

Verónica Pucheta - Argentina

“As for me, a young company has done more than can be imagined. I support the UST and the SmartWorld program and I am sure that the future belongs to such projects.”

AnaMarija Lisauskiene - Ireland

“Good luck to all engineers, developers, and SmartWorld program participants. Thank you for the sustainable and unlimited perspectives for humanity.”

Dremov Dmitry - Russia

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